Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Getting To The Point Where I'm No Fun Any More

Ah, Washwords, how could you do this to me?

This is all about being tagged. Apparently I'm now part of a meme.

Part of me says, "This is an honor! Out of 5 blogs, she picked yours! The very least you can do is play along. It'll increase your blog's readership! It's a lark! It doesn't hurt anything! What's the big deal? Don't be such a jerk!"

I have mentioned my hippy tendencies, so part of me sees this as some sort of conscription. A chain letter without death threats is still a chain letter. In a game of tag, I have the option of being some place safe ("home") where I can't get tagged.

So you can see my quandary.

With some level of trepidation, I cave:

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words:

"Please Forgive Me For Tagging You"

2. Link to the person who tagged you:

3. Tag five more blogs:


J-Money said...

First, major points for the "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes".

Next, my memoir would be called
I'm Sorry For Soiling the Furniture.

I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon taking self-portraits for the book jacket.

Gilahi said...

J-Money, I'll take 3 8x10's.

Unfortunately part of the sales of my memoir will have to go to paying royalties to CSN (and sometimes Y).

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