Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rockin' To The Oldies

Sometimes we get our ideas from our daily lives. Sometimes we get them from the news. Sometimes we blatantly steal them from other peoples' blogs. Sometimes we combine more than one of the above. This is one of those times.

I have written in this space about my age, music, and the time I got to meet Keith Emerson. I have read with great interest blogs from J-Money and Herb of DC about the various searches that people have used to locate some of their blog entries. This inspired me to do my own little bit of Sitemeter digging to try to see how people were finding some of my stuff.

I was pleased that people were still hitting some of my old blog entries as late as yesterday with this search:

Huh. People out there actually still look for Keith Emerson. It ain't just me. I felt good about that. Anything I can do to help out my ol' buddy and BFF Keith as his career wanes can only be a good thing.

It sort of came crashing down, however, when I noticed where the search came from:

So now I have visions of old guys in black suits, hats and prayer shawls kicking up their walkers to the tune of "Abaddon's Bolero". Old rabbis working on lessons that show parallels between Hillel and "The Sheriff". God forbid that there are old women in wheelchairs with shmattehs on their wigs crooning "Still You Turn Me On" to their hunky male nurses.

Notice the common word in each of the above sentences? Hint: It rhymes with "sold".

If I'm ever in a "Geriatric Center", will I be using Google to hunt up Black Oak Arkansas performing the innuendo-laden "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" or, assuming I can even remember Black Oak Arkansas, would I more likely listen in a hopeful fashion to "Uncle 'Lijah" which is, appropriately, about a man who lives to be 105 years old? Will the Beatles' "When I'm 64" have any meaning at all for me any more? Will Jethro Tull inspire me to sit on a park bench and eye little girls with bad intent? Will I be John Fogerty's "Old Man Down The Road"?

At least they're apparently having some fun. So let's hear it for the Google searchers at The Gurwin Jewish Geriatric Center. God bless 'em. May I be as spunky as they are when my time comes. Unlike Roger Daltrey, I hope I don't die before I get old.

To the folks at Gurwin:

May God bless and keep you always.
May your wishes all come true.
May you always do for others
and let others do for you.
May you build a ladder to the stars
and climb on every rung,
and may you stay forever young.

-- Bob Dylan


james in washington said...

I get the most blog hits from people searching for whether or not Velveeta goes bad.

It does. Kinda. But Kraft doesn't want you to know that.

Gilahi said...

How would you even be able to tell?

Bilbo said...

Old geezers need love, too!

Gilahi said...

Bilbo - As is becoming more and more apparent to me every day. Apparently they need rock & roll as well.

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