Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've often read that during repetitive, stressful, mind-numbing activities, your brain can go into its own little zone and sometimes startling revelations emerge. I wasn't sure I really believed that until yesterday.

As I was putting the final coat of semi-gloss white (a-baby, a-baby) on the trimwork yesterday, I was struck with such a marvelous realization that at the same time was so simple and obvious that I think I now know how Isaac Newton must've felt when the apple dropped on his head.

Or maybe it was more like Chicken Little felt when the acorn or whatever it was dropped on his head.

Anyway I was so stunned I had to pause for a few seconds to gather my thoughts. Could this be real? Could it actually be so easy? I thought it through for a while, and I really can't see any problems with my conclusion.

Here it is. Are you ready? I'm now prepared to share my epiphany with the blog world. Step in just a little closer.

Unless you have freakishly tall houseguests, nobody can see the tops of your doorframes.

Huh? Huh? Admit it. For all you know, the tops of your door frames have "REDRUM" scrawled in bat's blood on them. Somebody might have pencilled in some vague national threat that could get you in BIG trouble. There might be winning lottery numbers up there. You don't know.

For me, I'm going to consider the tops of my doorframes to be some of the last unspoiled wilderness in this country. Why would I want to pave over such unspoiled majesty with latex?

I say, give the dust bunnies a fighting chance.


lacochran said...

I didn't figure you for the kind of blogger to post pictures of naked chicks. Huh.

brian said...

Hahahahahaha!! That's a hell of an epiphany.

I'm grateful that all I have to do is dust the tops of mine and those spiderweb-attracting corners. The day I own property is the day I hire someone to do all that for me. :-)

Gilahi said...

lacochran - I appreciate your restraint in not making a little pecker joke.

Brian - You should try standing on a chair and checking it. I'm convinced there may be secrets of the universe hiding up there.

Herb of DC said...

I can't see it but I will reach up with my freakishly long arms and check it for dust. I am THAT kind of a guest.

Gilahi said...

Herb - I'll bet you look in people's medicine cabinets too, doncha?

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