Thursday, June 12, 2008

It SHOULD Be Funny

Just not feeling particularly humorous these days. Not inspired to write. I apologize to my legions of completely imaginary fans for not posting anything for days.

Even this didn't cheer me up:

On "Family Feud" (Gimme a break, you've all seen it), the question is "Name an animal that starts with the letter 'R'". Quick slap on the buzzer, get the number one answer, choose to play, host goes to the second member of the family: "Orang-utan... No wait! That starts with 'A'!!!"


I was reminded of a very old episode of "The Newlywed Game" (That's enough! If you hadn't seen it, too, you wouldn't be making fun of me.). 25-point bonus question, asked of the big-haired, giggly wives: "Name the capitol of your husband's home state." Big-haired, giggly Suzy: "New York City". I've begun to develop a divot in my forehead from slapping it. Bring out the Rhodes Scholars who constitute the set of husbands on the show. "What is the capitol of your home state?" Big-haired, giggly Suzy's Rhodes Scholar husband: "New York City".

And it case it didn't register with you, they won. The rules don't say you have to be right, you just have to match.



Dixie said...

Silly Family Feud people, they should have said "Aardvark."

It starts with 'Aar', yes?

Get the funny back! I miss it. >_<

lacochran said...

It's funny that capitols are often not where you'd expect them to be.

Not funny-haha but, you know, funny.

And, besides, any game show that consistently shows up on America's Zaniest, Most Outrageous Blooper Comedy Moments has to be funny.

Gilahi said...

Dixie - Aardvark. I like it! Wish I'd thought of that to work it into the blog some way. Don't worry, I'm sure the muse will revisit me at some point. As I mentioned in the very first post, there's an unlimited amount of material out there for inspiration.

lacochran - Thanks for making me less embarrassed about the shows I watch (or have watched) on TV.

Washington Cube said...

Gilahi: Hit the streets, wherever you are. Someone will do something so blindly D-U-M, you'll have material before the day is out.

Gilahi said...

WC - I guess I have this fear that the "someone" might be me.

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