Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Hello. Is there anybody in there?" - Pink Floyd

(Pen & Ink sketch by Gilahi - 1993)

For those of you who see this, meaning you still monitor this space, thank you so much and I apologize for being away for so long. For those of you who do not see this... well... what's the point of saying anything to you anyway?

I'll try to do better. Things are happening in my life that have made blogging a bit of a back-burner activity, to say the least. I hope that I'm beginning to see glimmers of things that mean that I'm feeling a bit more human and may be getting back to my old crotchety self. No promises, but I miss you guys so I'll give it a shot.


Narm said...

crotchety has to be the best adjective ever, right? I mean seriously - crotchety. Awesome.

Cyndy said...

Crotchety - ooh my mind just went somewhere it shouldn't have. Anyway, I know how you feel. Lately I can't seem to make myself do any more than drop a few comments here and there. Well I hope things start looking up for you and you get back to your crotchety self soon!

Gilahi said...

Narm - In fact, I think "crotchety" should replace "awesome".

"What do you think of my new 'Vette?"

"It's crotchety, man."

Cyndy - That could actually be another use for the word:

"How was your evening?"

"Great! He's the most crotchety guy I've ever been with!"

Thanks to both of you for hanging in there.

Mike said...

Needless to say I don't have a reader. So here you are with two posts in one day! Almost makes want to hold your hand.

Gilahi said...

Mike - They were a day apart, but no matter. So you're giving second thoughts to the idea of cutting off that particular appendage?

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