Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes You Just Have To Reason With People (and other random stuff)

OK, I'm COMPLETELY blocked at this point, so here's a few small things that probably aren't really blogworthy in and of themselves.


This happened to me long ago. I was on a small road in North Carolina.

I approached an intersection that widened to allow for right turns (although it wasn't actually marked that way). There was a car in the left lane. It was a beautiful summer night and my windows were down. I pulled up next to the car and looked to see if there was any oncoming traffic before turning right. There was a gentleman driving the car to my left and a woman, who I presume was his wife, was in the passenger seat. The following conversation ensued:

Gentleman: HEY!!!

Gilahi: *turns to look*

Gentleman: I'M TURNING RIGHT!!!

Gilahi: Perhaps if you used your turn indicators this sort of thing wouldn't happen to you.

Gentleman: *looks at dashboard, looks straight ahead, passenger side window slowly goes up*

The best part of the experience was the expression on the wife's face looking at me as the window slooooowly eased shut. I don't know if she was happy that someone put her husband in his place or was just trying not to let him see her smile.


Bilbo should appreciate this one, if he hasn't already heard it: Did you hear the one about the prisoner who was told that he could get early parole if he just made a pass at the warden's wife? He turned it down because he didn't want to end a sentence with a proposition.


Mondegreen of the day: I'm driving my car so we're listening to my music. The current selection is Herman's Hermits' This Door Swings Both Ways. My wife says, "What does that mean?"

"What?", I ask.

"Disco swings both ways. I don't understand what that means."

I'm much more into '60s music than my wife, so I suspect that she's never heard this song. I tell her that it's "this door", not "disco"

The chorus comes around again. She insists that it sounds like "disco". I explain to her that A) the title of the song is This Door Swings Both Ways, so I'm pretty sure that's what he's singing, B) the song predates disco by at least a decade, and C) disco doesn't swing both ways.


brian said...

Actually considering the habits of many that listened to Disco, I'm sure it swings not only both ways, but in way that break the boundaries of a two-way linear system.

The proposition joke just sent me into fits of laughter.

Gilahi said... a way that break the boundary of a two-way linear system.

You really are a geek, aren't you brian? :-) Unfortunately, I tend to think of things along these lines as well. When my wife asks if 47 + 65 = 112, I often say, "yes... in decimal". She says yeahthatsalwaysfunny, but she never smiles when she says it.

Glad you liked the joke, too!

lacochran said...

Love the rimshot! :)

Gilahi said...

It seemed appropriate.

Bilbo said...

Ha, ha...didn't want to end the sentence with a proposition! Normally, that is the sort of humor up with which I will not put, but this time I'll make an exception!

LivitLuvit said...

So disco's a 10 on the hetero scale? Not sure I'm buying that. There were some pretty tight-ass pants involved.

GreenCanary said...

I was pretty sure that disco swung both ways...

Scenic Wheaton said...

I love your story about the guy in the left lane turning right. Totally perfect.

Mike said...

It's always interesting to see what other videos Youtube thinks you want to watch when there.

Gilahi said...

bilbo: Read this joke, thought of you. And Winston Churchill.

livitluvit: Actually, I was pretty much thinking it went exactly the other way, "Saturday Night Fever" not withstanding.

canary: Maybe I was wrong to try to pigeonhole disco. It's the rainbow genre.

wheaton: One can get away with that sort of thing in NC. In DC the other guy would've just shot me.

mike: I almost never look at these, just like I never take Amazon's advice about "what other people who bought this" thought. If I'm buying Herman's Hermits, odds are I'm not all that interested in Gwar.

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