Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Such a Deal!

I know that I've used a lot of space here to talk about English abuse. It's a button of mine. Deal with it.

We've all seen and discussed less/fewer, lose/loose, there's no "a" in "definitely", everyday/every day, etc., but this one is just so incredibly ridiculous (no "e" in "ridiculous") that I must admit it never even occurred to me:

Having said that, if you've never visited oddlyspecific.com, I highly recommend it.


Bilbo said...

During the renovation work in the Pentagon, there were hundreds of warning signs everywhere that boldly declared: "CAUTION - POWDER-OPERATED TOOLS IN USE." You'd have loved it.

Mike said...

When I saw the sign I immediatly thought you should send it to a sight called oddlyspecific.com. Have you been there?

Gilahi said...

Bilbo - So was this gunpowder or baby powder or what?

Mike - Never heard of it.

Bilbo said...

Since it was the Pentagon, I'd guess gunpowder...however, given the number of ladies in hard hats and construction vests running around in the building, baby powder could be an option. In any case, baby powder smells better.

asplenia said...

I am laughing my ass off at the story you left on LA Cochran's blog (about Spanish class, wanting to say "I hear you" and "I like this" at the same time = "I like you." HAHA, thank you for that. Subscribing to your blog! :)

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