Friday, February 20, 2009

Blind Faith

Am I pleased?

You bet your Bellbottom Blues I'm pleased.

Why am I pleased?

Thanks for asking.

I just scored two tickets to see Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood at Verizon Center in June.

My wife and my best friend down in Atlanta have teamed up to present me with these tickets as a birthday gift, although my birthday is months away.

You know what this means, don't you? This means that my wife has the dubious pleasure of hearing me walk around the house for the next 4 months singing.

But I'm
near the end
and I just ain't got the time.
And I'm wasted and I
can't find my way home.


I have finally found a way to live,
just like I never did before.
And I know I don't have
much to give,
but I can open any door.

Everybody knows the secret.
Everybody knows the score.

I have finally found a place to live
in the presence of the Lord.

I pity her, really I do, but she brought in on herself when she gave in to my begging-on-hands-and-knees, hold-my-breath-until-I-turn-blue, extremely masculine persuasiveness.

You may not understand the significance of this, but Mr. Clapton and Mr. Winwood constitute half of Blind Faith. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could have the opportunity to see such a seminal group as this. God I hope they perform some Blind Faith songs.

So at least I'll have something to write about in June.


fiona said...

Sing yer wee heart out darlin!
Times like this I'm glad I'm in another State! :-)

Gilahi said...

Fiona - My wife may be coming out to visit you.

Mike said...

So ... how much are you will to let the tickets go for? I'll give you $20 apiece for them.

Mike said...

are you willing...willing. Funny stuff isn't so funny when critical words are typoed.

Gilahi said...

Mike - Try as I might, I can't find the funny stuff even when the right word is used.

Bilbo said...

My daughter felt the same way after buying me tickets to a Jimmy Buffett concert a few years back. She and my wife were ready to hire a hit man...

vw: redlity - an adjective describing a not-so-good section of town.

Sean said...

Should be a great concert. While I know this is months away, we want a full review!

Melissa B. said...

Yes, I'm jealous. I'd LOVE to dial up Eric at the Phone Booth, myself! BTW, please add your 5 cents' worth over at Sx3 today, OK?

Gilahi said...

Bilbo - Maybe we should form a duet.

Sean - You betcha!

Melissa - I've seen Eric (and Steve) before, but it's been a lot of years and never together.

Katherine said...

One day, I need to tell you about how I waited tables and Eric Clapton was one of the people I served...

Gilahi said...

Katherine - Oh. My. God. I'll buy you a second drink to hear that story.

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